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December 2017

December 2017 Newsletter

360in360 Immersive Experiences, Future Events Listing

September 2017

September 2017 Newsletter

360in360 Immersive Experiences Launch, Celebrating Culture and Heritage,
New 360 Degree Cameras Reviewed, Museum Experiences, Spatial Audio
Facebook and Gamification Strategies, Immersive Education Italy,
UKTI Mission to Singapore Robotics Opportunity, Facebook Live 360,
 Insta360 ONE “Bullet Time”, Reeperbahn Festival and NEXT panel on Virtual Reality
Medilink Gamification Special Interest Group Meeting
Recent Articles and Presentations, Future Events Listing

August 2017

August 2017 Newsletter

Artificial Intelligence, Drone Technologies, Transmedia Storytelling
Insta360 Technologies, Immersive Education,
Gamification vs Serious Games, Digital Health Conferences,
Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Business Processes
Recent Articles and Presentations, Future Events Listing

July 2017

July 2017 Newsletter

360 Video and Virtual Worlds, Thaisim 2017 Conference Review,
Marzipano, Cards and Board Games in Gamification, Serious Play 2017 Review
Executive Briefings, Keynote Presentations and Workshops, ISAGA 2018,
Are you a Games Master, Player, Fan, Spectator or Hermit?
Recent Articles and Presentations, Future Events Listing

June 2017

June 2017 E-Newsletter

Digital Leaders Week Launch, Virtual Worlds for Real Experiences

Daden Fieldscapes and Google Expeditions,
Gamification and Enabling 360 Technologies in Education,

Cutter IT Journal Executive Update on Disruptive Technologies,

Open University Collaboration Funding, Impact of AI on Society

Business Mentoring and Technology Strategy,

Recent Articles and Presentations, Upcoming Events.

April 2017

April 2017 E-Newsletter

Seeking Fresh Challenges, Business Opportunities in the Digital Age

360 Degree Video Developments,
Digital Transformation - Digital Earth and Digital Medicine,

Wearable Technologies Case Study, Defence Global Article,

CGAT 2017 Conference, Tackling the Challenge of the Aging Society,

Recent Articles and Presentations, Upcoming Events.

March 2017

March 2017 E-Newsletter

360in360 Transmedia Stories, Down to the River

Wearable Technologies Special Interest Group Launch

Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Creative Education

Learning and Development Thought Leaders Conference

ISDM Digital Medicine Journal Issue 3, eHealth Malta

Upcoming Events.

February 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

360in360 Transmedia Storytelling User Guide and Applications

The Impact of Wearable Technologies on Health Outcomes DLTV Broadcast

ISDM Partnership with HIMSS and eHealth Malta

Wearable Technology Show

The Future of 3D Video vs 360 Degree Imaging

Drones and Aerial Photos and Videos

DL100 Call for Nominations

Medilink Digital Health SIG and AGM

Calls for Digital Medicine Papers & Articles

Business Opportunities in the Digital Age Cutter Article

Richard Smith Obituary

 Upcoming Events.

January 2017

January 2017 Newsletter
Key Enabling Technologies Forecast for 2017
ISDM News and Opportunities
IAMUS Smart Cities Launch
Let’s Go Dizzy – The Story of the Oliver Twins
Immersive Video Technologies and Applications
Recent Article and Presentations
Upcoming Events.

December 2016

Xmas Newsletter

Old Year Honours List

12 Heroes for Christmas

November 2016

Digital Medicine and the Future of Digital Technologies in Medicine, Health & Well-Being

Medilink SIG on VR and Simulations in Medicine

Medilink Joint SIG on Digital Medicine

Soft Launches of ISDM European Chapter

Innovate 2016 and Digital Health Innovations

Calls for Digital Medicine Papers & Articles

50:50 Scenarios for the Next 50 Years

 Upcoming Events.

August 2016

Pokemon and Mixed Reality, Ian Livingstone Academies,
Radio with Pictures Show Community Media Archives,
Thaisim 2016 Games and Simulations for Learning,
Revolutionary Learning 2016, Blockchains and BitCoins in Education
Drones and 360 degree Video, Impact of Machine Learning and AI on Society,

World of Health IT Conference and European Chapter of ISDM,
The Future of Digital Medicine in the Aging Society, Upcoming Events

July 2016

Digital Medicine and 3D Medical Printing, European Chapter of ISDM,
Medilink Innovation and Digital Health SIG, Gamification Made Simple,
Games for Health UK and EU Conferences, Disruptive Technologies and Education
World of Health IT Conference, Upcoming Events.


May 2016

Power of Gamification – Impact on Business, Social and Economic Development, Leicester Success through the Gamification Lens, Virtual Worlds & the Skinningrove Jetty Story, Asia Pacific Healthcare Simulation, Bangkok International Digital Content Festival, Thailand E-Learning Association, Malaysia Inaugural Gamification for Education Workshop, Singapore Medical Simulation Lab, 360 degree Aerial Images, Upcoming Conferences

April 2016

Kings of Gamification, Wearable Technologies, Digital Health Initiatives, Robotic Drones, Technology and Society, Creative Industry Roadmaps, Upcoming Conferences

November 2015

Wearable Technologies, Creative Industries Roadmapping, EU Research Projects, Meetups, Immersive Education and Gamification, Community Informatics

August 2015

Gamification, Pandemics, Appropriate Technologies, Classroom Strategies, Rapid Games Prototyping, Data Visualisation, Pattern Recognition, Robot Trust and Big Data Analytics

July 2015

Wearable Technologies, Digital Health and Commercial Opportunities
The Dawn of the PDHA (Personal Digital Health Assistant)