GAETSS Upcoming Events Listing


Event Name / Description



Aug 14-17

Visualising Sustainable Solutions

Silicon Valley, USA

Sep 6-8

Game-On' 2017

Carlow, Ireland

Sep 7

Westminster Media Forum

London, UK

Sep 11-12

NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo

Manchester, UK

Sep 21-22

Serious Games Conference


Sep 27-29

World Education Day 2017 Conference

Dalian, China

Oct 2-3

Games for Health Europe 7th Annual Conference


Oct 4-6

ECGBL 2017 European Conference on Game-based Learning

Graz, Austria

Oc 11-12

Digital Marketing in Healthcare

London, UK

Oct 17-18

World of Learning Conference

Birmingham, UK

Nov 1-3

BIT 5th Global Health Conference

Taiyuan, China

Nov 9-11

WCBME 2017 - World Congress on Biomedical Engineering

Xian, China

Nov 14-16

2017 WISE Summit: "Co-Exist, Co-Create: Learning to Live and Work Togeth

Doha, Qatar

Nov 28-30

GIANT Health Conference 2017

London, UK

Dec 12-13

UK Digital Healthcare Transformation Summit

London, UK

Jan 22-24

R&D Data Intelligence Leaders Forum

Basel, Switzerland

Mar 21-23

Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning (ABSEL) Conference 2018

Seattle, USA

Apr 9-10 2018

CGAT 2018



July 9-13

ISAGA 2018 - 49th International Conference of the International Simulation and Gaming Association

Bangkok, Thailand