Extract of Testimonial

Sarah Barclay MD

Barclay Media

"As a publisher of several worldwide publications with a vast interest in serious gaming, David has written and produced excellent and very imformative articles which have been of immense interest to our readership on a worldwide basis.  David is most defnitely an authority within this emerging subject and it has been a real pleasure to have worked with him over the past couple of years."

“...“David Wortley is a visionary and inspirational leader in the field of digital technology and media, “

“....His technological prowess combined with his exquisite sensitivities to human needs for community enables him to creatively entertain cutting edge societal issues. “


“....He is my go to person for practical insights, ideas and inspiration in these emerging areas and is constantly pushing the boundaries of my thinking and understanding..”

“...David is one of few thought-leaders worldwide who combines deep understanding on the subject of Serious Games with the ability to transmit his passion remarkably to the audience. .”

“..Taking the belief that play speaks to that part of us "which is a gift, and not an acquisition” literally, David has opened new pathways of the possible, in realms of our public debate we rarely give games credit for affecting, exerting more and more his powerful influence to make games which challenge us to play at building a better future.”

“His style is self-effacing, yet confident, and his presentations come alive with personal anecdotes, humour and simple commonsense guidance and observation.”

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