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June 2019

Transforming Healthcare through Innovation - ISDM E-Newsletter June 2019

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Reviews of recent events in digital healthcare

Apr 2017

360 Degree Budget Video Making Part One

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Presentation and video on choosing a camera and making 360 degree videos

Apr 2017

360 Degree Budget Video Making Part Two
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Presentation on hints and tips for making budget v360 degree videos

Apr 2017

Games Industry Adaptive Roadmap
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CGAT 2017 presentation of the CRe-AM project findings for the Games Industry.

Apr 2017

The Role of Digital Earth Technologies in Digital  Medicine
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The ISDE 2017 presentation

Apr 2017

Various 360 degree Videos
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A selection of 360 degree videos illustrating potential applications for this technology

Apr 2017

Business Opportunities in the Digital Age
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The business opportunities and challenges arising from developments in digital photography and video

Apr 2017

Wearable Technologies Case Study
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A personal review of 3 consumer wearable devices and associated mobile applications

Apr 2017

Tackling the Challenges of the Aging Society
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A review of various initiatives using Gamification and enabling technologies to address health and sustainability issues associated with the Aging Society

Mar 2017

Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Creative Education

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Presentation on the challenges created by disruptive technologies on the future of education

Mar 2017

The Consumerisation of Digital Medicine
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Editorial for the Digital Medicine Journal Issue 3

Feb 2017

Guide to 360in360 Transmedia Storytelling

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A short handbook and guide to making 360in360 Transmedia stories.

Feb 2017

360in360 Transmedia Storytelling

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Launch of a brand new concept combining 360 video with storytelling

Aug 2016

Digital Medicine and the Aging Society

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Editorial for the Digital Medicine Journal

Aug 2016

Pokemon and Mixed Reality, Ian Livingstone Academies, Radio with Pictures Show Community Media Archives, Thaisim 2016 Games and Simulations for Learning, Revolutionary Learning 2016, Blockchains and BitCoins in Education, Drones and 360 degree Video, Impact of Machine Learning and AI on Society, World of Health IT Conference and European Chapter of ISDM, The Future of Digital Medicine in the Aging Society, Upcoming Events.

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August 2016 E-Newsletter

July 2016

Digital Medicine and 3D Medical Printing, European Chapter of ISDM, Medilink Innovation and Digital Health SIG, Gamification Made Simple, Games for Health UK and EU Conferences, Disruptive Technologies and Education, World of Health IT Conference, Upcoming Events.

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July 2016 E-Newsletter

May 2016

Power of Gamification – Impact on Business, Social and Economic Development, Leicester Success through the Gamification Lens, Virtual Worlds & the Skinningrove Jetty Story, Asia Pacific Healthcare Simulation, Bangkok International Digital Content Festival, Thailand E-Learning Association, Malaysia Inaugural Gamification for Education Workshop, Singapore Medical Simulation Lab, 360 degree Aerial Images, Upcoming Conferences

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May 2016 E-Newsletter

Apr 2016

Kings of Gamification, Wearable Technologies, Digital Health Initiatives, Robotic Drones, Technology and Society, Creative Industry Roadmaps, Upcoming Conferences

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April 2016 E-Newsletter

Nov 2015

Wearable Technologies, Creative Industries Roadmapping, EU Research Projects, Meetups, Immersive Education and Gamification, Community Informatics - View Article

This is the November 2015 GAETSS E-Newsletter covering a variety of topics

Nov 2015

Gamification and Lifestyle Technologies for Personal Health Management - View Article

This paper is a case study on the impact of lifestyle technologies on personal health management and was presented at the ECGBL conference in Norway

Oct 2015

Disruptive Enabling Technologies and Immersive Education - View Article

This paper was presented at the 2015 IED Conference held at the Sorbonne in Paris

Sept 2015

Gamification, Pandemics, Appropriate Technologies, Classroom Strategies, Rapid Games Prototyping, Data Visualisation, Pattern Recognition, Robot Trust and Big Data Analytics - GAETSS E-newsletter - View article

This newsletter covered a variety of technology and societal topics

Sept 2015

The Impact of Wearable Devices on Corporate Health and Competitive Advantage - Cutter IT Journal

This article was published by the prestigious USA Journal Cutter IT and discusses the impact of wearable technologies on corporate competitiveness and employee health

Sept 2015

The Education Game - Using Gamification in the Classroom  - View Article

This paper was presented at Thaisim 2015 in Bangkok and discusses how to deploy gamification in the classroom environment

July 2015

The Dawn of the Personal Digital Health Assistant (PDHA) - GAETSS e-newsletter - View Article

This newsletter discusses the commercial potential of wearable technologies and digital health

June 2015

The Future of Business and Society - GAETSS Newsletter - View Article

This newsletter focuses on the launch of a book edited and compiled by Rohit Talwar and includes a chapter on the future of wearable devices AND applications on personal health management

Mar 2015

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Social Media - Are we Creating God in our own Likeness?

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In recent months, a number of technology luminaries have voiced concerns about the potential threat of Artificial Intelligence, echoing the final chapter of my book “Gadgets to God”. Bill Gates is quoted as saying (1) :-

"I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence," Gates said in response to a question about the existential threat posed by AI. "First, the machines will do a lot of jobs for us and not be super intelligent. That should be positive if we manage it well. A few decades after that, though, the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern."

Mar 2015

RMS Queen Mary - Brightest Star in the Maritime Galaxy Video Trailer - View Video

This video trailer articulates a vision for the use of the RMS Queen Mary for the development of Long Beach California into a richer digital future

Mar 2015

What's the Big Idea - Societal Fission or Fusion? - View Article

The internet and atomic energy have certain things in common. They are man-made discoveries which can be used for good or evil and now that they have been invented there is no going back – we cannot un-invent either of them. The difference between nuclear energy and the internet is that our global society seeks to prevent a proliferation of nuclear energy to stop it falling into the wrong hands whereas we have made the power of the internet accessible to virtually everyone on the planet regardless of their potential usage for good or evil.

Mar 2015

March 2015 - GAETSS Monthly E-Newsletter - View Article

This newsletter includes one of the controversial “Big Ideas” I floated in my “Gadgets to God” book’s final chapter on the future of man’s relationship with technology as well as the usual review of past and upcoming events, Calls for Papers and reflections on recent developments.

Mar 2015

What's the Big Idea - Is Immortality within our Grasp - View Article

Digital storage and communications technologies, combined with the growing array of sensors and tracking devices mean that the “digital trace” of our lives is becoming more and more comprehensive and accessible to future generations with the associated implications for the potential on-going influence we might have after our death.

Mar 2015

Gamification, AirMiles, Points, E-Tokens and the
Future of E-Currency in an OmniWorld
Will Electronic Trading and Barter Replace Existing Currencies? - View Article

Today, technology provides a mechanism to purchase goods and services from anywhere in the world and the variety of individual currencies and complexities of exchange rates is a potential barrier to trade. Perhaps an answer for the future of trade is the acceptance of points or e-tokens as an exchangeable mechanism linked to a commodity that has a universal value.

Feb 2015

Education in a Nepal Federal State - Problems and Opportunities - View Article

This article is a review of a trip to Nepal for a conference on Education and Federalism and highlights some of the problems faced by the education System and Opportunities to change

Jan 2015

Why the NHS Needs a Fresh Start in 2015 - View Article

This article looks at the challenges faced by the NHS in the UK in the areas of lifestyle related conditions and argues that a revolution is needed

Dec 2014

FreshStartXX - A Blueprint for a Revolution in Personal Health Management - View Article

This article describes how lifestyle technologies and gamification could spark a revolution in personal health management

Jul 2014

Tackling the Ageing Society - The Role of Enabling and Assistive Technologies - View Article

This article explore the potential of enabling technologies and Gamification to address some of the problems of the ageing society

Jul 2014

Gamification and Enabling Technologies for Independent Living - View Article

This article examines the power of enabling technologies to support independent living using Simon Stevens as a case study.

Jul 2014

Commerce, Culture, Heritage and Tourism in an OMNI World - View Article

This article looks at the relationship between Culture, Heritage and Tourism and Commerce and reflects on the impact of urban design

Jul 2014

Gamification, Personalisation, Brand Loyalty and Profitable CSR in an OMNI World - View Article

This article examines how disruptive technologies are impacting brand development and creating opportunities for profitable CSR

Jun 2014

Physician Heal Thyself - View Article

This article is a review of presentations made at the Medilink Conference in Leicester in June 2014

Jun 2014

South Korea, Gamification and Enabling Technologies - View Article

This is an article that was produced as part of a web conference on Gamification and Enabling Technologies for Health in South Korea

May 2014

The Role of Gamification and Enabling Technologies in the Future of Commerce in an OMNI World - View Article

This article looks at some of the disruptive technologies that are shaping the future of commerce

May 2014

Gamification vs Serious Games for Health - View Article

This article seeks to compare and contrast the concepts of Gamification and Serious Games for addressing issues in the health sector

May 2014

Kuala Lumpur's Changing Face of Retail and Leisure in an IORMA World - View Article

This article is a review of Kuala Lumpur's Retail developments and how they compare with current thinking

Apr 2014

The Gamification Glossary of Elements - Gamification is NOT all about Points, Badges and Rewards - View Article

This article seeks to provide a glossary of terms for gamification and seeks to illustrate that some of the implementations of Gamification focus too muc on points and badges and not enough on the behavioural aspects of Gamification

Apr 2014

Education, Gamification and Enabling Technologies - The Impact of the Networked Society on Education Practices - View Article

This article reflects on how the networked society and digital technologies have disrupted the natural hiearchical society and created challenges for knowledge professionals

Apr 2014

Gamification and Enabling Technologies in Relationships - View Article

This article argues that Gamification is a vital component in relationship building and maintenance and is a life skill that all humans are born with

Mar 2014

The role of Gamification and Enabling Technologies in Education - View Article

This paper was produced for the Thaisim 2014 conference in Bangkok and focuses on the impact of gamification and enabling technologies on education policies and strategies.

Mar 2014

Health Gamification, Dallas Buyers Club, Invictus and Wolf of Wall Street - View Article

This article explores the role of Gamification Strategies and Health Policies through the lens of the film industry

Mar 2014

Gamification for Health White paper - View Article

This White Paper focuses on the role of Gamification and Enabling Technologies to address global health challenges and influence the role of the citizen in personal health management.

Feb 2014

Gamification Theory and Practice White Paper - View Article

This White Paper describes some definitions and ideas on what Gamification is and how it is an impoortant concept for addressing Global Challenges


Cloud – Right or Wrong For Government ?
Digital Leaders Salon Event Jan 21st 2014

What is “The Cloud” and should the Government get involved in its use were the key issues under discussion by a group of professionals from the public and private sectors at the latest Digital Leaders Salon event held in London on Tuesday 21st January at ATOS

Sept 2013

Gamification, Grand Challenges and the (Dis)Connected Society - View Article

This article looks at the major challenges faced by society in the 21st century and the potential role of gamification in addressing those challenges

June 2013

Immersive Technologies and Personal Healthcare - View Article

The beginning of a trial of sensor technologies and gamification of my health and weight through the use of the Jawbone UP bracelet and iPad apps.

May 2013

Gamification Concepts and Applications - View Article

This article describes the concept of gamification and how it might be applied in real-world situations.

Nov 2012

Serious Games and Climate Change - View Article

This paper was written for a European workshop organised by the Club of Rome and held in Vienna in November 2012

Sept 2012

Immersive Technologies and GIS - Integrating the Physical and Virtual - View Article

This paper was presented at the Bulgarian Cartographic Association conference in Albena in the summer of 2012

Sept 2012

Immersive Technologies and HCI Innovation - View Article

This paper was written for the South East Asia Ergonomic Network conference in Langkawi and discusses the role of emerging Human Computer Interface Technologies for engaging users.

Sept 2012

Simulations and Serious Games - Vocational Training Evolution or Revolution - View Article

This article seeks to explore whether the emerging technologies used in simulations and serious games represent an evolution or revolution in vocational training applications.

Nov 2011

Personalised Lifelong Learning and assessment - The Future of Training

Article written for the Training Zone online publication covering the trend to personalised lifelong learning through immersive technologies

Nov 2011

Immersive Technologies, Learning and Rural Development

Paper presented at the ICT for Inclusive Learning Conference in Florence - a video of the presentation can be viewed at :-

Nov 2011

Gadgets to God Book

An autobiographical Journey through the technologies which are transforming society.

Nov 2010

Serious Games Saving Lives

Health Global Article on the use of serious games for medical applications and about the impact of technology on the ageing population.

Dec 2009

Learning Technologies in the Next Decade

David Wortley takes a look at how the immersive technologies of video games, virtual worlds and social networks might impact learning and development over the next decade.

Oct 2009

Video Games and Brainwaves - Usage and Impact

An article exploring the potential of brainwave computer interface devices and their potential application in serious games and other applications

Oct 2009

Hunting and Gathering with Digital Natives

This article looks at the impact of immersive technology on the “Digital Native” generation and whether these technologies are changing the attitudes, capabilities and brain structures of the next generation of learners.

Aug 2009

SHASPA - Technology Empowering Energy Saving

SHASPA - Intelligent Shared Spaces is a cocktail of technologies designed to both improve energy management and act as a gateway to smart buildings capable of delivering personalised services.

June 2009

Learning to Love

Learning Magazine article discussing the trend in immersive technologies that fundamentally changes our relationship with technology into a highly personalised one with many of the characteristics of human relationships.

Mar 2009

Its all in the Mind

Learning Magazine article about the use of Brainwave Computer Interface  devices to measue concentration levels and their potential importance in the learning process.

Dec 2008

How to be a Learning Hero

Learning Magazine article about the role and impact of video games on educations

Jul 2008

Its Learning Jim but not as we know it

Article about the trends in learning and development and how that affects the way we both teach and learn.

Mar 2008

Integrating Real and Virtual Worlds for Next Generation Learning

Article exploring the potential of 3D immersive environments such as Second Life as a new platform for E-learning.

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