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Welcome to the GAETSS July 2016 E-Newsletter.

In this Edition

·       What is the Role of Gamification and Digital Medicine in Digital Health?

·      The 1st Conference and Launch of the International Society for Digital Medicine (ISDM)

·       3D Medical Printing and Additive Manufacturing

·       European Chapter of ISDM

·       Medilink Innovation and Digital Health SIG Events

·      The GAM-NAV Concept - Gamification Made Simple

·       Games for Health UK and Europe

·       Disruptive Technologies and Education

·       World of Health IT Conference

·       Featured Upcoming Events

o   July 28/29 Thaisim

o   Aug 17-19 Revolutionary Learning

o   Sept 7/9 VS Games 2016

o   Sept 23/24 Singapore Health and BioMedical Congress

o   Oct 31/Nov 1 Games for Health Europe

o   Nov 28/Dec 1st SEANES 2016 Ergonomics and Human Factors Conference

·       Calls for Papers and Articles

·       Recent Articles and Presentations

·       Future Events Listing

What is the Role of Gamification and Digital Medicine in Digital Health?

Digital Medicine – Technologies for Prediction, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Training of Medical Conditions

A major theme for the GAETSS July 2016 Newsletter is the combination of Gamification and Digital Medicine applied to health and wellbeing. The inaugural conference of the International Society of Digital Medicine in Nanjing in June featured in this newsletter provided a multi-disciplinary insight into the many different ways enabling technologies are impacting the medical profession in its practices and approaches to improving public health outcomes globally. Here I examine five different ways in which digital medicine is transforming the health sector.




Enabling Technologies



To anticipate potential medical conditions before symptoms arise

Genome and DNA analysis, big data analytics, scanning and measurement technologies, artificial intelligence

Personalised medicine, more effective prevention strategies, increased understanding of how the body and mind work


To prevent avoidable medical conditions

Sensor devices, wearable technologies, big data analytics, data visualisation, mobile devices

Improved personal health management


To correctly identify medical conditions

Sensor devices, Measurement and analysis technologies, big data analytics, machine learning, data visualisation

Personalised medicine, improved outcomes


To effectively treat and cure or improve medical outcomes

Robotics, sensors, artificial intelligence

Personalised medicine, improved outcomes


To prepare health stakeholders to deal with medical conditions

Simulation, haptic devices, data analytics, virtual environments, serious games

Improved response to medical scenarios and conditions


All of these technologies can assist health professionals in improving public health and better educating, informing and empowering citizens to better manage their personal health. However, it does not matter how good or effective digital technologies are if citizens choose to adopt lifestyles which damage their health or fail to comply with appropriate medical treatment.

It is in this context that Gamification can play a vital role in influencing patient / citizen behaviours to adopt lifestyle practices and/or encourage compliance with recommended medical treatment. Later in this newsletter, the Gam-Nav concept explains how Gamification strategies can be applied to any human scenario to influence choices, behaviours and decisions at a personal or macro level.


The 1st Conference and Launch of the International Society for Digital Medicine (ISDM)

Professor Zhang - Founding President of the ISDM

Nanjing was the venue for the Founding Conference of the International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM) and the 1st International Conference on Digital Medicine and Medical 3D printing. I was honoured to be invited to become a member of the Founding Council and to be involved in discussing the draft of the ISDM’s Statute with other invited ISDM Council members from 38 different countries.

The conference was attended by over 1000 participants from China and internationally and supplemented by an exhibition which primarily focused on Medical 3D printing and Simulation technologies.

To learn more about ISDM and its activities, visit www.isdm.org.cn.

3D Medical Printing and Additive Manufacturing

3D Medical Printing /Additive Manufacturing Application Examples

One of the most impressive elements of the Nanjing ISDM conference was the variety and sophistication of technology usages for Medical 3D printing. Conceptually, medical 3D printing is exactly the same as what is known in other disciplines as additive manufacturing, so-called because 3D objects are “printed” from computer-aided designs by building layer upon layer of special material according to the 3D design. This technology is being deployed via a whole range of different devices from relatively affordable domestic 3D printers for small personalised objects to very large buildings such as London’s iconic Shard building.

For medical applications, the combination of 3D printing, sophisticated scanning technologies and the advanced use of biomedical materials creates opportunities to transform patient lives by replacement of defective body parts and/or personalised biomechanical aids to augment and/or correct functionality.

European Chapter of ISDM

The International Society of Digital Medicine Logo

Following the Founding Conference of the ISDM, I am in process of establishing a European Chapter of the ISDM which I hope to formally launch in November this year to coincide with a hosted visit from the ISDM President Professor Zhang and the Executive Director, Professor Liao.

In the interim, I have set up a LinkedIn Group on a “by invitation only” basis for anyone with involvement or a keen interest in Digital Medicine and the use of Enabling Technologies and Gamification as tools to enhance public health strategies. If you would like to be invited to join or to know more about ISDM, please email me at david@gaetss.com.

Medilink Innovation Day and Digital Health SIG Events

Medilink East Midlands Innovation Day Conference and Exhibition

Medilink East Midlands is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to help promote and develop the interests of the organisations involved in researching, developing and delivering health-related products and services in the East Midlands of the UK. Medilink organises and annual Innovation Day and facilitates a range of events and activities such as the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) workshops in such areas as Digital Health and Additive Manufacturing.

Membership of Medilink is very affordable and good value for money for any individual or organisation that wants to be part of the healthcare revolution. To find out more about Medilink East Midlands and their SIGs, visit  http://www.medilinkem.com/home

The GAM-NAV Concept - Gamification Made Simple

The GAM-NAV Concept applied to Personal Health Management

Gamification has become a hot topic in recent months and years but I have been dismayed by the lack of understanding of what Gamification is and how it can be applied every day to a whole multiplicity of scenarios where influencing human behaviour is key to a successful outcome. Far too often, Gamification is portrayed as the use of points, badges and rewards and/or league tables as incentives to motivate individuals or groups.

After giving this problem of over-simplification of Gamification as the use of extrinsic motivation to encourage desired outcomes, I have devised a simple concept called Gam-Nav (Sat-Nav for Gamification) as a simple way of explaining how Games psychology and mechanics can and should be applied in almost any human scenario from brand development, employee motivation and personal relationships to team building and politics.

If you wish to use Gamification to improve performance or effect change that depends on influencing human beings, imagine yourself as a sophisticated Sat-Nav whose role is to help your target vehicle to reach its desired destination as effectively and painlessly as possible. To achieve this, you need to acquire the basic characteristics / competences of a highly sophisticated sat-nav which means :-

a)       As a sat-nav you are not in control of the vehicle, reaching a desired destination is dependent on “the driver” (i.e. the individual/group you are trying influence) following your guidance

b)      You need to know the current status of the vehicle/driver (i.e. where they currently are)

c)       You need to know the desired destination of the journey (i.e. where you/your target wants to finish up)

d)      You need to calculate a route to that destination based on the preferences of “the driver” and the capabilities of “the vehicle”

e)      You need to be able to advise on progress to that destination, alternative routes and feasibility of the journey

f)        You need to be able to provide constant feedback to the driver and be prepared to suggest an alternative or more practical destination

g)       At a higher level of sophistication, you need to either make the desired destination as attractive as possible or alternative destinations as undesirable as possible (carrot and stick)

h)      You need to make the journey/route as engaging and enjoyable as possible

If you can develop all of these skills and qualities, you will become a successful qualified Gam-Nav capable of influencing yourself, other individuals or whole groups of people.

You can find out more about the Gamification Elements you can deploy by reading my white paper on Gamification at  http://www.slideshare.net/dwortley/gamification-and-enabling-technologies-white-paper.

Games for Health UK and Europe

The Pegaso Gamification Workshop at G4HUK Conference at Coventry University

The European Pegaso project was amongst projects featured at the Games for Health UK conference held in July at Coventry University and hosted by Professor Pam Kato. The one-day conference (see  http://www.coventry.ac.uk/events/games-for-health-uk-conference-2016/ )was a mix of keynote presentations, panels and workshop parallel track workshops designed to examine and discuss the practical use of serious games and gamification for a variety of application.

The Pegaso project in which Milan-based serious games specialist Imaginary is part of a consortium which includes Coventry University aims to use gamification enabled by wearable devices and mobile games to encourage healthy lifestyles in teenagers. The focus of Pegaso is to influence both physical activity and diet and it uses a mobile game co-designed with teenage target groups in Europe and based on zombies which can be neutralised by effective lifestyle choices and knowledge about healthy diet.

The Pegaso workshop facilitated by Lucia Pannese and David Wortley used gamification elements to set up teams with separate challenges based on developing ideas to make the game as effective and sustainable as possible. One of the key outcomes of the discussions was the engagement of appropriate stakeholders such as schools and supermarkets in helping to promote Pegaso as part of a win-win ecosystem.

Also present at the conference were the Games for Health Europe Founders Jurriaan and SandraVan Rijswijk to promote their forthcoming conference in the Netherlands – see  http://www.gamesforhealtheurope.org/

Disruptive Technologies and Education

Vecna Robotic Telepresence Education Application for Sick Children

Technologies in the classroom present many challenges and opportunities for education. Many of the activities and functions which are the traditional role of the teacher are gradually being taken over by technologies which can deliver knowledge, monitor progress and deliver a personalised curriculum in ways which are more accessible and often more engaging than human teachers.

Added to this, technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to perform jobs previously done by graduates trained to be knowledge professionals, meaning that students are increasingly being educated and prepared for jobs which will not exist when they graduate.

The Revolutionary Learning event in New York that I am due to speak at in August will seek to address some of these issues (see below) but on a more positive note, in Nanjing I came across a novel use of robotics to help sick children to continue to not only be educated but also to be connected to their fellow students remotely. The Vecna Robotic Telepresence device and application is like a remote controlled telepresence system which can be controlled by the student from home, allowing them to freely interact with both teachers and fellow students. See  https://www.vecna.com/education/vgo/ for more information.


World of Health IT Conference

The Upcoming World of Health IT Conference in Barcelona

The new HIMSS Europe World of Health IT (WoHIT) Conference & Exhibition will be taking place on 21–22 November 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. The event will gather top European healthcare stakeholders and will be the meeting point for the entire eHealth ecosystem.

Through a number of educational sessions with the most experienced speakers to learn from, together with a series of workshops, hospital tours and an interactive exhibition floor, this unique event addresses best practices, practical solutions and cutting edge developments in eHealth.

I will be participating in the event to support a gamification workshop organised by Anna Sort who is a health gamification specialist based in Barcelona.

See  http://www.worldofhealthit.org/ehome/index.php?eventid=141909& for more information

Featured Upcoming Events

July 28/29 Thaisim

The theme of this year’s annual Thaisim conference which is being held at Sripathum East University, Chonburi in Thailand is “The power of games, simulations and debriefing to teach more in less time”. Thaisim conferences are always memorable events not only for their content and networking opportunities but also for the wonderful hosting.

For more details go to http://www.thaisim.org/ts16/ts2016.html

Aug 17-19 Revolutionary Learning 2016 – Inspiration and Collaboration through Games

Revolutionary Learning 2016 will feature hands-on workshops, educational keynotes, a Local Game Jam, a Revolutionary Game Arcade, and ample networking activities designed to connect attendees with professionals who will inspire. Colleagues and thought leaders from the cutting edge of learning will be in attendance – it’s the one place to truly learn from each other.

See  http://www.revolutionarylearning.org/ for more details

Sept 7/9 VS-Games 2016

The VS-Games 2016 conference in Barcelona is the 8th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications. Topics for this year’s conference include :-

·        Alternate reality games

·        Virtual environments

·        Augmented reality

·        Game design

·        Animation for serious games and virtual worlds

·        AI applications for serious games

·        Serious games methodologies

·        User-modelling in serious games

·        Pervasive gaming

·        Interactivity issues

·        Visualisation techniques

·        Human-computer interaction

·        Mobile games

·        Education and learning

·        Multimedia gaming

·        Case studies in serious games and virtual worlds

·        Gamification

For more details go to http://vsgames2016.com/

Sept 23/24 Singapore Health and Biomedical Congress

The Singapore Health and BioMedical Congress is flagship international event with top class international speakers which this year will include James Kinross from Imperial College. The theme of this year’s conference is “Forging a Sustainable Relationship-Based Healthcare System”.

For full details of the event go to  http://shbc.com.sg/

Oct 31st – Nov 1st Games for Health Europe

Games for Health Europe brings together researchers, medical professionals and game developers to share information about the impact games and game technologies can have on health, health care and policy. A major effort of the Games for Health Europe is the Annual Games for Health Europe Conference.

For details of the conference go to  http://www.gamesforhealtheurope.org/2016-overview/

Nov 28/Dec 1st SEANES 2016 Ergonomics and Human Factors Conference

The 4th SEANES 2016 Ergonomics and Human Factors conference in South East Asia will be held in Bandung Indonesia. The theme of this year’s event will be:- Green Ergonomics: Sustainability, Productivity, and Well-being. Within this theme, SEANES 2016 Conference supports and expands the application of human factors and ergonomics with regards to recent local and global needs. This international conference aims to enhance the awareness of the importance of Human Factors Engineering (HFE) in various human activities and application domains, including product design, learning, communication, healthcare, transportation, defence and security.

For more details of the event go to  https://seanes2016.org/


Calls for Papers and Articles

Below is a selection of current calls for Papers, Posters and Articles that may be of interest :-


The Digital Medicine Journal is encouraging the submission of papers and articles. If you are interested, please visit their web site at  http://www.digitmedicine.com/ or contact me at david@gaetss.com for more details



The Thirteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society to be held at University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada from 26-28 May 2017  is seeking proposals for papers and presentations.

If you are interested, visit the web site at http://techandsoc.com/2017-conference/call-for-papers


The 1st Call for papers for ESM'2016 - The 30th annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference SIANI - Universidad de Las Palmas Gran Canaria - Spain October 26-28, 2016 has been released.


For details of this CFP go to http://www.eurosis.org/cms/?q=taxonomy/term/383



Recent Articles, Presentations and Papers

A comprehensive list of archived articles, presentations and videos can be accessed at my website – http://www.davidwortley.com/conferences.html

The most recent updates are shown below :-


Article/Presentation Title


April 2016

Gamified Wellbeing for all Ages Paper and Presentation for Medicon 2016

View the paper here

View the presentation here

View the conference images here

The Medicon 2016 Conference provided an opportunity to meet academics and practitioners involved in a broad range of biomedical technologies and applications



Upcoming Events Listing


Below is a list of forthcoming conferences – also accessible at http://www.davidwortley.com/events.html




Event Name / Description



Jul 28-29

Thaisim – Games and Simulations for Learning

Bangkok, Thailand


Aug 17-19

Revolutionary Learning 2016

New York, USA


Aug 23-26

Immersive Colorado

Denver, USA


Aug 23-28

The Global Summit


Rio di Janeiro, Brazil


Sep 7-8

Health & Care Innovation Expo 2016 Conference

Manchester, UK



Sept 7-9

VS Games 2016

Barcelona, Spain


Sep 13-15

Eurosis GameOn'2016

Lisbon, Portugal


Sep 23-24

Singapore Health and BioMedical Congress



Sep 28-29


TCT and Personalise 2016 Conference

NEC, Birmingham, UK


Oct 19-20


World of Learning Conference

NEC, Birmingham, UK


Oct 26-27

World Gamification Congress

Madrid, Spain



Oct 31 - Nov 1

Games for Health Europe




Nov 21-23

World of Health IT Congress

Barcelona, Spain


Nov 8-11

Games for Health USA

Washington, USA


Nov 28 – Dec 1st

SEANES 2016 Ergonomics and Human Factors

Bandung, Indonesia


May 26-28 2017

Technology, Knowledge and Society 2017

Toronto, Canada




If you would like any presentations, videos or documents circulated to my network, I am happy to provide this service free of charge for any material relevant to readers of this newsletter. If you are interested, contact me at david@davidwortley.com.


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