Extract of Testimonial

“David Wortley’s pioneering work at the Serious Games Institute (SGI) has been an inspiration and a model for every professional person in the field ...”

"I've known David every since the start of the Serious Games Institute and he's been a tireless promoter of the value of serious games and virtual worlds....”

“.........His work setting up the UK Serious Games Institute is a considerable achievement bringing business and applied research together David has left a significant legacy for the University of Coventry and UK serious games sector.”

“David has been a true inspiration to me in the fields of serious games and virtual worlds.......”

“Your work in developing the Serious Games Institute has established a global beacon and centre of excellence that industry and government across the globe aspire to replicate.”

“...The work done in 3 years is astonishing : it's almost impossible to work legitimately at a European scale on Serious Game without counting on the SGI.”

“David is a visionary with a strong appreciation of the transformative impact of emerging technologies across policy areas, the research community, private and public sectors.....”

“.....Working with academics, regional development agencies and major market players, David has made SGI the cradle for Serious Games and Immersive Learning Environments and an engine for innovation and European Union economic regeneration.”

“....Taking on a completely new project and idea, he quickly set the profile of the new Institute, both nationally and internationally, as a centre of excellence for the emerging serious games arena.”

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