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360in360 Transmedia Storytelling Products and Services

This includes training, workshops, seminars, consultancy, conference presentations and 360in360 Transmedia Storytelling products.

New Service

Business Start-up / Management / Brand Development

This includes setting up new businesses, turning businesses around, building a global brand, facilitating partnerships

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Consultancy services are usually delivered on a short term or for special clients on a retainer basis

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Practical Workshops (half day or full day)

I offer a range of workshops designed to give hand-on experience of immersive technologies to bring understanding of their relevance and potential to individuals and organisations

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Article Writing

I can write one-off articles or regular features on technology related topics, especially the impact of immersive and emerging technologies on business, education and society

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Keynote Presentation

I have extensive experience of making keynote and session presentations as well as acting as a chair to panel sessions. My speciality is immersive technologies and their impact on society, business and education

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Virtual Conferencing and Webinar Services

I have been involved in all aspects of web conferencing for over ten years including virtual conferencing organising, promoting, managing, facilitating and training. I acted as a freelance Project Manager for Agilent Technologies on-line field training sessions for several years

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One to one coaching or mentoring

For key clients and exceptional individuals, I can provide one to one coaching and mentoring to share my experience and contact network as part of intensive development of the individual.

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After dinner speaking tailored to event

I offer humorous, educational and entertaining after dinner speaking directly linked to a conference or client theme.

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Boardroom Technology Briefing tailored to organisation

For senior staff, I can provide small group boardroom briefings on the impact of technology on a business and can support strategic decision making

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Conference Dinner Entertainment (Guitar Hero / Games)

My conference after-dinner entertainment includes running video games sessions and competitions which help to make the event more memorable and extra special

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Email: or Mobile: +447896659695