Extract of Testimonial

“David Wortley was an inspiration to work with. He added energy and cool thinking in our team when we organised an international conference for De Montfort University.”

"..I believe him to truly be a global thinker and worldly humanitarian with keen business sensibilities.  It is always worth my time to listen to what David Wortley has to say.” 


“Your lecture "Immersive Technologies and the Future of Learning and Development" on 29th October 2010 - indeed was excellently prepared, interesting, thought provoking and changing the understanding for what purposes those new technologies (video games, virtual worlds, social networks) can be seriously used. “

Richard Curtis

Andrich Int.

“David Wortley is an informative and entertaining speaking on training technologies and initiatives including serious games. It is largely due to his efforts, enthusiasm and drive that the Serious Games Institute has become so well established. “

“David was an amazing ambassador for the Serious Games Institute, spreading the word around the world, not only benefiting the Serious Games Institute itself but giving opportunities for the associated businesses to make contact with people who also recognised the same possibilities. “

“...David is one of few thought-leaders worldwide who combines deep understanding on the subject of Serious Games with the ability to transmit his passion remarkably to the audience. .”

“..He is a brilliant speaker with the great knowledge of the subject (perfect presenter and brilliant speaker).  I am very happy to work with him and have him as a friend.”

“He has a tremendous warmth about him which instantly wins the attention and respect of any audience, even through the vagaries of translation. His style is self-effacing, yet confident, and his presentations come alive with personal anecdotes, humour and simple commonsense guidance and observation.”

“....He is a highly effective presenter sharing deep insights in highly engaging ways with a wide range of international audiences.”

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