Extract of Testimonial

“His intellectual vistas provide a tremendous benefit in assisting others with envisioning processes and future trends that confound most of us. ...”

"David has a long understanding of this industry, and connections to all the key players...”

“David Wortley is a visionary and inspirational leader in the field of digital technology and media, with a specialism in serious games and virtual world. ”

“At a time organizations of all kinds have to cultivate talents for innovation, too many worship the High Tech Golden calf. The magic source is not there but in the spirit, vision and energy of people. David is one of these rare men who can make them flourish.”

“...I was impressed by David’s depth and breadth of knowledge; David is definitely an authority on serious games!”

“...He's always been fantastic to work with - professional, timely and to the point.”

“...His deep insights and innovative mindset, coupled with his sense of humor and energy, made it a real pleasure working with him."

“David’s recognition of the potential of virtual worlds and how they could be used to benefit business and education was extremely reassuring to us I......”

“....David Wortley executed so many projects directed to near and/or rather far future. In my opinion, his creative work is underestimated and will be better justified in future...”

Coaching and Mentoring Testimonials