Immersive Technology Strategist

As the founding Director of the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University, I identified the immersive technologies of video games, virtual worlds and social networks as strategically important for engaging our discretionary time, attention and money. Through this experience, I work with companies and individuals to help them apply these technologies for competitive advantage.


Education and entertainment are encapsulated in my training, speaking and coaching services where I use my  acting and entertaining experience to create memorable learning events.


I have over ten years experience of acting as a global facilitator for corporate web training and virtual meeting activities. I bring this experience to connect people, ideas and knowledge.


I have been a regular writer for global publications on e-learning, health technologies and defence and military training. I write in an informal , engaging and very accessible style to communicate the impact and effectiveness of immersive technologies on business and society.


Story-telling is a powerful tool for engaging audiences and gaining understanding of and commitment to new technologies, concepts and ideas. I use story-telling actively in my presentations and can assist individuals and organisations to develop story-telling skills.

Lifelong Learner

I believe that a positive attitude to lifelong learning  is an essential component to effective training and education. As a passionate lifelong learner myself, I help individuals and organisations  develop a culture of lifelong learning and an understanding of how to exploit its potential.

Creative Thinker

We live in a global society where every individual with access to laptop, desktop, hand-held or mobile technology has the ability to share their knowledge and views with a potential world-wide audience. My creative thinking skills help individuals and organisations stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves in new and innovative ways.


My consultancy services are pitched at a very high, strategic level and based on many years experience or working with corporate clients on the use of emerging technologies to provide competitive advantage.


I love to be motivated and to motivate. I offer my skills in a variety of technology and performance scenarios to both motivate individuals and organisations and help them to motivate others.


I have been a regular speaker and presenter at many global conferences and seminars and can offer highly personalised presentations and speeches on a variety of technology, business, society and environmental issues.


If you want to inspire others or be inspired yourself, I can show you a variety of tools, tips, techniques and technologies to help you achieve your goals.


My whole career has been devoted to exploring the potential of emerging technologies for shaping the world around us. I help individuals and organisations understand how, where and when exploration can generate real benefits.


Exploration and discovery, although related require quite different skills to fully exploit. I offer workshops and coaching designed to help indiividuals and organisations discover and harness their strengths and opportunities.


We live in unprecedented times in history. I have delivered many presentations and written many articles about the impact of emerging technologies on business and society. I offer consultancy, coaching and presentation services designed to help you understand the impact of present and future technologies on society, business and life in general.


Like one of my greatest inspirations, Thomas Cook, I believe passionately in the experience of travel to broaden the mind and open it to new cultures and perspectives. I share my experiences of local, national and global travel  in my consultancy, coaching and speaking services.

Potential Fulfiller

I have many experiences of ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. I am driven to help people and organisations fulfill their largely untapped potential. I offer consultancy, coaching and workshop services which help clients to develop these skills.


I am a serial innovator, constantly crossing disciplinary boundaries to develop new concepts and solutions for applying emerging technologies and engaging methodologies to serious business and societal issues.

Social Entrepreneur

I have been the originator and practitioner of social enterprise projects such as  the Community Commerce and Knowledge Network (ComKnet) and the Harborough Community Learning Network and have a wide network of international social entrepreneurs. I bring to this service both business experience and an understanding of community engagement.

Dream Maker

Dreams are fundamental to human nature and a vital catalyst to motivation and innovation. Through coaching, mentoring, consultancy and workshops I can  help my clients build and fulfill their dreams.


Being different and standing out from the crowd are very important in our globally connected and competitive society. I can help my clients understand how to differentiate themselves and articulate to the world what makes them special.


Stage acting is my hobby and my passion. I use my experience of performing on stage in lead roles in  comedies like “ ‘Allo ‘Allo “ and serious plays like “Death of a Salesman” together with work as a TV extra in soaps like “Bad Girls”, “Doctors” and “Dream Team”  to help my clients communicate and engage with their target audience.


Imagination and engineering solutions leverages my training as an electrical engineer and my passion for immersive technologies and the performing arts. I bring these skills to my consultancy, coaching and mentoring services.


My age and long experience of technology, business and society enables me to offer mentoring services to talented and passionate but inexperienced young people.

Talent Spotter

A crucial ability of any organisation today is talent spotting and nurturing the abilities of every member of staff. I offer a range of services to help organisations to spot and leverage talent.

Passion Harnesser

Passion is an emotion with massive potential to motivate, innovate and communicate. My consultancy and coaching services develop these skills within my clients.

Mission Shaper

Having run my own digital media business and set up new enterprises such as the Serious Games Institute, I am able to help organisations and individuals shape business and personal missions that are relevant, concise and understandable.

Aim Finder

Setting goals and targets is an important part  of translating missions into successful enterprises. I help my clients to define aims and targets.

Friendship Builder

Building on my experience as a corporate marketing and sales executive within IBM, I have always placed a lot of emphasis on developing strong partnerships and relationships based on trust and enduring friendships. I help my clients put into place the processes and culture needed to do the same.


The key skill in transferring knowledge and developing skills is coaching. Good coaches in almost every enterprise can make the difference between success and failure.


I guide my clients through the maze a fast emerging technologies and help them find a path to competitive advantage.


I have an international network of  past, present and future clients, partners and co-workers and help my clients use technology to develop networking skills.


Being eccentric is an important part of differentiating myself from other service providers. Eccentricity requires courage, and imagination and  helps to make people memorable.

Guitar Hero

Many people who know me as the founding Director of the Serious Games Institute also identify me with the video game Guitar Hero. I offer Guitar Hero sessions as part of my workshop, conferencing and speaking services

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