April 2017
Seeking Fresh Challenges, Business Opportunities in the Digital Age

360 Degree Video Developments,
Digital Transformation - Digital Earth and Digital Medicine,

Wearable Technologies Case Study, Defence Global Article,

CGAT 2017 Conference, Tackling the Challenge of the Aging Society,

Recent Articles and Presentations, Upcoming Events.


Welcome to the GAETSS April 2017 e-newsletter. The last four weeks since my March newsletter have been amongst the most hectic and productive periods for many years. As well as spending almost 3 weeks in South East Asia and Australia for the Digital Earth and CGAT conferences, I have filmed, edited and published 36 videos in 360 degree format and written several articles for different journals on innovative uses of digital technology. In this newsletter, I plan to cover some of those activities as well as recent development in disruptive technologies that will present significant challenges and opportunities.

I am also looking for fresh challenges for myself to leverage my experience and expertise in the technologies that are exponentially shaping the future and the extensive global network of talented people that I have developed over the last decade.


In this Edition

·       Seeking Fresh Challenges

·       Business Opportunities in the Digital Age – Cutter Article

·       Developments in 360 Degree Camera and Video Technologies

·       Digital Transformation, Digital Earth and Digital Medicine

·       Wearable Technologies Case Study

·       Defence Global Article

·       CGAT 2017 Conference

·       Tackling the Challenges of the Aging Society

·       Featured Upcoming Conferences and Seminars

o   eHealth Malta

o   MEIT 2017 Chongqing

o   Serious Play Conference Washington

·       Recent Articles and Presentations

·       Future Events Listing


Seeking Fresh Challenges

360 degree image of my presentation at CGAT 2017 in Singapore

I am currently seeking opportunities for work which can more fully utilise my expertise, experience and contact network. I am interested primarily in part-time, contract or project work involving technology strategy, business mentoring or lecturing. I am seeking fresh challenges in the UK, Europe or South East Asia / Australasia. I am happy to consider short or long term assignments that give me an opportunity to deliver real value and innovative insights on the potential of disruptive technologies to address global challenges.

If you know of any opportunities, especially for Non-Executive Director roles, or would like to discuss a specific need, please contact me at david@davidwortley.com.

Business Opportunities in the Digital Age – Cutter Article

Aerial Photograph from 3DR Drone

One of the articles which I have recently had accepted by prestigious publications is on the theme of “Business Opportunities in the Digital Age”. The Cutter Business Technology Journal is circulated to IT Professionals in the corporate sector in the USA. The call for articles in this edition looks at the disruptive impact of rapidly evolving technologies and the business opportunities these developments create.

My article was based on the impact of digital technologies on photography and videos where the consumerisation of “smart connected” digital video and photographic devices has totally transformed the business sector. These developments have led to the virtual death of photographic film and associated businesses and spawned the “selfie” phenomenon and growing demand for instant live sharing/broadcasting of video and images with a totally different business model and likely to be dominated by companies with no previous background in video or photography.

In the meantime, camera and lens companies have substantial business opportunities arising from the growing demand for high quality images and video from smartphones and compact cameras. Technologies such as smart consumer drones create additional demand for digital cameras by enabling consumers to take high quality photos and videos from the air.

Developments in 360 degree cameras, which is covered in the next article, are likely to spawn a raft of new applications and associated business opportunities which I plan to exploit.

My article in the Cutter Business Technology Journal is available online at https://www.cutter.com/article/business-opportunities-selfie-era-where-disruptive-technologies-and-life-events-meet-495056

Developments in 360 Degree Camera and Video Technologies

The New Giroptics IO 360 camera and slide from my 360 budget cameras presentation

Since the last newsletter in March, I have published videos and presentations on YouTube and SlideShare giving hints and tips on how to make 360 videos and still images using a budget camera like the Ricoh ThetaS. I will be following these online guides with my thoughts on the Top Ten likely applications for 360 cameras. The last few days has seen the major launch of a new 360 camera which is set, in my opinion, to have a major impact on the market for 360 degree cameras because it brings live streaming of 360 degree video at a reasonable quality to the consumer.

At a recent Facebook event, the new Giroptics IO camera was given away to hundreds of delegates. This camera plugs into the Lightning socket of Apple phones and tablets and into the USB port of Android devices, making possible to livestream video in 360 degrees which I believe is likely to become the number one application for 360 cameras. Both Facebook and YouTube are actively promoting the live streaming of 360 degree video which, because of the image processing needed to “stitch” the 2 fish-eye lens images together, has previously been difficult to do in real-time. The new Giroptics IO camera has the processing capability to make it practicable for novice users to share their 360 experiences live.

My Slideshare presentation on 360 budget cameras can be accessed at https://www.slideshare.net/dwortley/360-degree-budget-video-making-part1

Digital Transformation, Digital Earth and Digital Medicine

Digital Transformation discussed at the 10th International Symposium of Digital Earth

The theme of the 10th International Symposium of Digital Earth held in Sydney, Australia in Early April was “Digital Transformation”. The conference and associated exhibition was attended by over 500 delegates. My presentation was based on the impact of disruptive technologies on both medical and geo-informatics sectors where the technologies which are most likely to have an impact on professionals working in these sectors will developed by other sectors for other purposes.


It will be generic technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data visualisation, internet of things and wireless broadband which will present major challenges and opportunities to professionals working in all sectors. Consequently, I believe there is great value in making industry conferences and exhibitions much more multi-disciplinary.


The keynote presentation which resonated most with me was made by Alessandro Annoni of the Digital Economy Unit. Alessandro is a senior and long-standing member of ISDE and his presentation about the disruptive impact of artificial intelligence and robotics was very insightful.


Details of the ISDE conference can be found online at http://locateconference.com/


Wearable Technologies Case Study

Digital Medicine Article compares the approach and functionality of 3 consumer wearable devices

One of the articles I have recently submitted to the Digital Medicine Journal is a personal case study comparing the functionality and mobile applications of three wearable devices that I have been using to monitor and manage my lifestyle activities. I have been wearing 3 different devices on a 24/7 basis and evaluating their mobile applications and gamification strategies. Although these devices are a small sample of a growing number of devices which target the health, fitness and well-being market, they provide an insight into different approaches taken to influence a healthier lifestyle.

The article is due to be published in the next edition of ISDM’s Digital Medicine Journal which will be accessible over the internet at http://www.digitmedicine.com/


Defence Global Article

Defence Global Publication

Another article I have written in the last month was for the Defence Global Publication. The article was entitled “Next Generation Military Simulation and Training using 360 Degree Cameras”. This paper covered the likely impact of 360 camera technologies on military simulation and training with applications which could also deliver value in live situations.

I was discussing the article with a serving soldier who described how the army are already using “GoPro” type action cameras on patrol with routines which essentially seek to cover observation in 360 degrees. As these consumer 360 degree cameras grow in sophistication and functionality, I can see them playing a growing role in both simulation/training and live action.


The Defence Global Web site can be found at http://barclaymedia.uk.com/


CGAT 2017 Conference in Singapore


With Anton Ravindran of Global Science and Technology Forum

The annual Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technologies (CGAT) conference took place in Singapore and featured a broad spectrum of topics from a good selection of international speakers. My presentation was based on the work done on developing a Games Industry Technology Roadmap as part of the European Union’s CRe-AM project for the creative industries.

I have published a copy of my presentation at https://www.slideshare.net/dwortley/games-industry-adaptive-roadmap-cgat-2017

Tackling the Challenges of the Aging Society

Healthcare Informatics Research Web site

Healthcare Informatics Research (Healthc Inform Res; HIR) is the official journal of the Korean Society of Medical Informatics (KOSMI) founded in 1987, and replaced its predecessor, the Journal of KOSMI (JKOSMI; ISSN: 1225-8903), in 2010. The journal publishes quarterly peer-reviewed original research articles in English in order to expand its readership globally and reinforce its commitment to the development of healthcare informatics. 

The journal aims to promote the fundamental understanding of healthcare informatics and advance knowledge and application systems in healthcare fields. It covers high-quality original research articles, reviews, case reports, and communications in the area of design, development, implementation, and evaluation of information systems in healthcare fields. It also includes health policy, education, managerial and behavioural aspects of healthcare informatics as well as health information infrastructure such as standardization, security, biomedical engineering, and bioinformatics.

My recent article, written in collaboration with Professor JiYoung An and Dr Almas Heshmati is a review of some Gamification and Enabling Technology initiatives from around the globe designed to tackle the growing health and healthcare sustainability issues associated with the Aging Society. The HIR web site can be accessed at http://www.e-hir.org/


Featured Upcoming Conferences

Presenting at an International Conference

Over the coming months, I am due to make presentations and/or submit papers at a number of national and international conferences whose details are shown below :-

eHealth Week Malta


eHealth Week Malta organised by HIMSS

The International Society of Digital Medicine (European Chapter) is very pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with the international health and medical conference organisers, HIMSS to collaborate on joint promotion of key health conferences in Europe. This agreement enables ISDM (European Chapter) to offer discounts on conference registrations and to use these events to host ISDM European Chapter meetings of members.

The next HIMSS conference under this agreement is eHealth week in Malta from 10-12 May. he overarching theme of eHealth Week 2017 is Data for Health: the key to personalised sustainable care. Data lies at the heart of service delivery and the development of effective health policy. During eHealth Week, speakers and delegates will explore the changing ways in which personal health data is created, stored, shared and used. Advances in bioinformatics support a paradigm shift towards tailor-made prevention and treatment strategies both for individuals and population groups. Opportunities are growing for ICT to support patient-centred health services and the involvement of patients in their own care, including access to personal health data, sharing of data, and mHealth applications.

While health services wish to embrace all the advances that technology has to offer and provide them to the populations they serve, sustainability needs to be achieved. Health IT offers important opportunities to improve the efficiency of health care delivery through innovative approaches to service delivery and public health, impacting the well-being of both individuals and populations. eHealth Week will also provide high-level delegates with the opportunity to learn about Malta’s eHealth systems and see them in action, in particular the myHealth portal and integrated nation-wide eHealth deployments. Malta’s Digital Health Strategy for the years 2017 to 2021 will also be presented.

Any ISDM members planning to register for eHealth and/or wishing to take part in a special meeting of the European Chapter of ISDM  during eHealth Malta should contact me by emailing president@isdm.eu.

The conference web site is at http://www.ehealthweek.org/ehome/index.php?eventid=198654&tabid=447653&

MEIT 2017 Chongqing

The MEIT 2017 International Conference on Modern Education and Information Technology (MEIT 2017) will be held during June 24-25, 2017 at Chongqing, China.  MEIT 2017 aims to provide a high-level international forum for worldwide scientists, industry leaders, engineers and researchers to present the state of the art of these fields: Education and Information Technology.

My paper and conference presentation will be on the topic “Exploring the Potential of 360in360 Transmedia Storytelling in Education”

For details of the conference, go to http://www.meit2017.org/.

Serious Play Conference Washington


The Serious Play Conference, now in its 7th year, is a leadership conference for professionals who embrace the idea that games can revolutionize learning. Speakers, who come from all parts of the globe, share their experience creating or using games in the corporation, classroom, healthcare institution, government and military and offer tips on how to move game-based education programs ahead.

At Serious Play, attendees listen, share and participate actively in informal sessions dedicated to the discussion of the future of serious games.

For details of the conference go to  http://seriousplayconf.com/

Recent Articles, Presentations and Papers

A comprehensive list of archived articles, presentations and videos can be accessed at my website – http://www.davidwortley.com/conferences.html

The most recent updates are shown below :-


Article/Presentation Title


Apr 2017

360 Degree Budget Video Making Part One

View Presentation

Presentation and video on choosing a camera and making 360 degree videos

Apr 2017

360 Degree Budget Video Making Part Two
View Presentation

Presentation on hints and tips for making budget v360 degree videos

Apr 2017

Games Industry Adaptive Roadmap
View Presentation

CGAT 2017 presentation of the CRe-AM project findings for the Games Industry.

Apr 2017

The Role of Digital Earth Technologies in Digital  Medicine
View Presentation

The ISDE 2017 presentation

Apr 2017

Various 360 degree Videos
View YouTube Channel

A selection of 360 degree videos illustrating potential applications for this technology

Apr 2017

Business Opportunities in the Digital Age
View Cutter Business Technology Journal

The business opportunities and challenges arising from developments in digital photography and video

Apr 2017

Wearable Technologies Case Study
View Digital Medicine Journal

A personal review of 3 consumer wearable devices and associated mobile applications

Apr 2017

Tackling the Challenges of the Aging Society
View Healthcare Informatics Journal

A review of various initiatives using Gamification and enabling technologies to address health and sustainability issues associated with the Aging Society


Upcoming Events Listing


Below is a list of forthcoming conferences – also accessible at http://www.davidwortley.com/events.html




Event Name / Description






May 5th

Learning and Development Thought Leaders Conference

Highgate House, Northants, UK


May 7-9

mobileGov World Summit and Global mobileGov Awards 2017

Brighton, UK


May 10th

Medilink Wearable Technologies Special Interest Group Seminar

Milton Keynes, UK



May 10-11

IdTechex Wearables Show

Berlin, Germany


May 10-12

E-Health Week 2017




May 23-24

Digital Health World Congress 2017

London, UK



May 23-25

AFI360 - Future Internet

Toluca, Mexico


May 26-28 2017

Technology, Knowledge and Society 2017

Toronto, Canada



May 31 - Jun 2

FUBUTEC 2017 - Future Business Technology Conference

Warsaw, Poland


Jun 15

Medilink Innovation Day 2017

Nottingham, UK


Jun 22-23

IGBL 2017 - Irish Games Based Learning Conference

Cork, Ireland



June 24-25

MEIT 2017

Chongqing, China



Jun 26-29

ILRN 2017 - 3rd Immersive Learning Research Network Conference

Coimbra, Portugal


Jun 27

Westminster Forum - UK tech post-Brexit: investment, influence and policy priorities

London, UK


Jun 28 - Jul 1

Mobile World Congress Shanghai

Shanghai, China



June 29-30

Thaisim 2017

Bangkok, Thailand



Jul 3-5

Edulearn 2017 - International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

Barcelona, Spain



Jul 10-14

ISAGA 2017

Delft, Netherlands


July 12-14

Playful Learning

Manchester, UK


July 18-20

Serious Play 2017

Washington, USA



Sep 6-8

Game-On' 2017

Carlow, Ireland


Sep 11-12

NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo

Manchester, UK


Sep 21-22

Serious Games Conference



Sep 27-29

World Education Day 2017 Conference

Dalian, China


Oct 2-3

Games for Health Europe 7th Annual Conference



Oct 4-6

ECGBL 2017 European Conference on Game-based Learning

Graz, Austria


Nov 9-11

WCBME 2017 - World Congress on Biomedical Engineering

Xian, China



Nov 14-16

2017 WISE Summit: "Co-Exist, Co-Create: Learning to Live and Work Together

Doha, Qatar


Nov 28-30

GIANT Health Conference 2017

London, UK




If you would like any presentations, videos or documents circulated to my network, I am happy to provide this service free of charge for any material relevant to readers of this newsletter. If you are interested, contact me at david@davidwortley.com.


Best Wishes for a Better Future for all Mankind


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