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Old Year Honours List
12 Heroes for Christmas


I wish you a very happy festive season and a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year. It is traditional at this time to look back on the highs and lows of the outgoing year and reflect the important things in life. When the New Year starts, it is traditional in the UK for the Queen to announce a “New Year’s Honours List” to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Society. As 2016 draws to a close, as well as looking back on the old year, I’d like to share my personal Honours List to recognise 12 individuals who have inspired and influenced me, often over many years. I apologise in advance for anyone I have missed off the list, but I salute those people who have brought much to my business life.

January 2016
(Lucia Pannese - Italy)

Lucia is the CEO and Founder of the Italian Serious Games Company, Imaginary. I have worked with Lucia for several years on a variety of European research projects funded under the Framework 7 programme. During January, I was very actively involved in one of those projects – Cre-AM (Creative Industries Adaptive Roadmap) in which the aim was to help build bridges between the technology sector and creatives working in video games, architecture, design, art and e-publishing (see 

Lucia is extraordinarily dedicated to developing the potential of serious games technologies, especially in the healthcare sector

February 2016
(Eliane Alhadeff - Brazil)

In February, I was able to visit Brazil for the first time en-route to a conference in Buenos Aires. It gave me the chance to meet my serious games guru, Eliane Alhadeff, author of the Serious Games Market Blogspot ( which I regard as the source of all knowledge about serious games.

My admiration for Eliane’s constant updating of the latest news in serious games and her willingness to respond to requests for information about serious games for specific applications was further boosted when we met her and her husband in Sao Paolo.

March 2016
(Susana Finquelievich - Argentina)

The Technology and Society 2016 conference held in Buenos Aires gave me a chance to renew my friendship with Susana Finquelievich who was one of the keynote speakers at the conference and a leading authority on the impact of technology on social and economic factors. I have known Susana for over 10 years, meeting her first through our joint involvement in community informatics projects.

March saw me represent Imaginary at the Medicon 2016 conference where I spoke about some of the EU projects using serious games for health including Pegaso, Doremi and Rehab@Home.

April 2016
(Songsri Soranastaporn - Thailand)

In April, I had back to back conferences in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The Medical Simulations conference in Kuala Lumpur had some top class speakers from Asia and a concurrent exhibition that included gamified laproscopic surgery using a custom-built demonstrator to simulate the surgical procedure to remove gall-stones.

The Bangkok International Digital Content Festival in which I made a presentation of the future of e-learning enabled me to catch up with Songsri Soranastaporn who has been a driving force in Thailand’s e-Learning strategy.

May 2016
(John Hibbs - USA)

In May, I was back in Asia for a Gamification conference at UPSI university in Malaysia as a keynote speaker and also facilitator for a webinar session on gamification delivered by Lucia Pannese from Milan. This was followed by meetings in Singapore at one of their leading hospitals to discuss the simulation technologies they use in staff training which are very similar to an installation at Imperial College in London.

John Hibbs, Founder of the Benjamin Franklin Institute for global learning is my chosen honours list person for May because of his dedication to making learning accessible to everyone in society. John was the Founder of and driving force behind Global Learn day which delivered a 24 hour learning journey around the globe.

June 2016
(Shaoxiang Zhang - China)

It was my great privilege to be invited to the 1st International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM) Conference in Nanjing, China and the launch of ISDM to a global audience. Professor Shaoxiang Zhang of the Third Military Medical University in Chonqing is the President of ISDM and a leading figure in Digital Medicine Research with his “Visible Human” project.

The ISDM conference brought together many experts across a wide range of application areas which included genomics, additive manufacturing, preventative healthcare, robotics, 3D imaging and rehabilitation solutions. It was at this conference that my relationship with ISDM as a Founding Council Member began.

July 2016
(Jacqueline Cawston - UK)

I first had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline Cawston at De Montfort University in 2005/6 when she was working on graduate employment. I was so impressed by her enthusiasm and professionalism that I persuaded her to apply for a post at the Serious Games Institute (SGI) which she eventually joined as a Business Development Manager, playing an important part in the success of the SGI as an International Centre of Excellence.

Today Jacqueline is still based at Coventry University where she now plays a leading role in the development of the Disruptive Medial Learning Lab (DMLL)

August 2016
(David Crookall - France)

David Crookall is one of the world’s leading authorities on games-based learning and can justifiably claim to be a pioneer of serious games. He works as a Professor at the University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis. In July/August, I usually meet up with David at the Thaisim conference where David’s workshops are always very lively and interactive and provide a great insight into the value of Debriefing in the learning process.

Like Eliane Alhadeff, David is very generous in sharing his knowledge and contact network. Thaisim is one of the conferences I always try to attend each year, not just for the academic content but also the warmth and hospitality of Thai people.

September 2016
(Ivan Boo - Singapore)

September was spent in the UK and included a major exhibition on 3D printing which was held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. The month also included a Medilink East Midlands Networking event in Nottingham and a chance to write a few articles and papers.

Ivan Boo is September’s Honours List selection because of our long-standing collaboration in the development of serious games in South East Asia. Ivan is a social entrepreneur par excellence. He has a great understanding of the potential of serious games across a wide spectrum of applications, especially healthcare.

October 2016
(Jessie Liao - China)

I met Professor Jessie Liao in Nanjing in June at the inaugural ISDM conference where she was acting as a Master of Ceremonies for the conference. Jessie is Executive Director of ISDM and has played a leading role in building the international network.

October was the start of working with Jessie and Professor Zhang to create a European Chapter of the International Society of Digital Medicine and building relationships with a variety of partners across Europe.

Jessie’s specialist expertise is in Medical English at the same university in Chonqing as Professor Zhang

November 2016
(Caryll Stephen – UK)

Caryll Stephen is the Chief Executive of the Foundation for Water Research in the UK and has been a client and good friend since our paths first crossed in 1993 when I started the National Presentation Network in partnership with Prontaprint.

Our first meeting was to explore presentation graphics on the IBM PC at her offices in Marlow. Since that time, Caryll has constantly sought to keep pace with technological developments to help FWR communicate effectively with its stakeholders.

She is one of my most valued clients and enthusiastic pioneers of the latest office technologies.

(Oliver Goh – Lithuania)

We have finally reached December and my most recent excursion out of the UK at the invitation of Oliver Goh. I was invited to the launch of his Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IOT) venture called IAMUS, based in refurbished officed in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

The IAMUS project is exploiting IOT technologies as part of a strategic city development plan based around Klaipeda’s selection as Lithuania’s cultural capital in 2017 and its bid for the European Cultural Capital in 2022.

I have known Oliver since we met at the launch of SGI in 2006 and we have collaborated over many years around technologies which blend the physical and virtual worlds.


I wish you and all you care for the best of Christmas festivities and look forward to collaborating with you in 2017.


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