Tre Azam CRe-AM Interview

Name : Tre Azam

Job Title : CEO and Founder

Organisation : MyndPlay

Sector : Brain Controlled Video Games

Web Link :

Interview Date : TBA

Location : Skype Interview

Short Biography

MyndPlay have been made Ogilvy Lab Partners, have installations at the BBC, M&S and Barcelona Tech Museum and have projects running with MCFC, Pro Golfers, The Prison service, UCLA and other reputable companies and agencies such as HSBC, JWT and Ravensbourne Media College.


1. What current technologies and tools fulfill your needs in your practice?

2. What technologies do you see emerging in the next 5-10 years?

3. Could you identify any strengths and weaknesses with these technologies?


4. Do you think there are additional technologies or tools needed, or that you would wish for?


5. If these were available what would you be creating?

6. Can you see any strengths and weakness involved?

7. What do you recommend to fill the gap between creators and technology providers?