Martyn Ware CRe-AM Interview

Name : Martyn Ware

Job Title : CEO and Founder

Organisation : Illustrious

Sector : Immersive Sound Environments and Music

Web Link :

Interview Date : 9/11/15

Location : Groucho Club, London

Short Biography

Martyn has written, performed and produced two Human League, two BEF and nine Heaven 17 albums.

As record producer and artist has featured on recordings totaling over 50 million sales worldwide - producing Tina Turner, Terence Trent D’Arby, Chaka Khan, Erasure, Marc Almond and Mavis Staples, etc. Etc.

Founded Illustrious Co. Ltd. with Vince Clarke in 2000 to exploit the creative and commercial possibilities of their unique three-dimensional sound technology in collaboration with fine artists, the performing arts and corporate clients around the world.

Clients include: BP, Ogilvy, The British Council, The Science Museum, The Royal Ballet, Amnesty International, The V&A Museum, Mute Records, BBC TV, the Royal Observatory Greenwich, BAFTA , Museum Of London. Tate Britain, Red Bull Music Academy, City Of Westminster Council, etc. etc.

He also lectures extensively on music production, technology, and creativity at universities and colleges across the world

He also a renowned international DJ, particularly of electronic music -he has DJ'd in Mexico, Zimbabwe, Australia,all over Europe, New York, Los Angeles etc.


1. What current technologies and tools fulfill your needs in your practice?

Mac hardware, Logic Pro, 3D Audioscope software (Ambisonics), 3D joystick

2. What technologies do you see emerging in the next 5-10 years?

3D sensor technologies, Motion Capture for capturing performance, Oculus Rift

3. Could you identify any strengths and weaknesses with these technologies?

Strengths – richer content and greater focus on content and experience

Weakness – Reluctance to experiment with new technologies, Latency (motion sickness)


4. Do you think there are additional technologies or tools needed, or that you would wish for?

Ambient experiences (without having to use devices), alternate reality, Lightweight devices


5. If these were available what would you be creating?

Changed realities, environments which respond to user moods and preferences, personalized experiences

6. Can you see any strengths and weakness involved?

Strength - Greater accessibility and usability

Weakness – increased complexity in shared experiences and decision making

7. What do you recommend to fill the gap between creators and technology providers?

There is a gap between creative and technologists – need to encourage hybrid personalities and perspectives with a focus on outputs rather than the mechanics of producing them