Richard Hoffmann CRe-AM Interview

Name : Richard Hoffmann

Job Title : CEO

Organisation : Area 1

Sector : Video Games and Virtual Reality

Web Link :

Interview Date : 22/9/2015

Location :  London

Short Biography

A London based professional bi-lingual software engineer with extensive working experience of more the 15 years in global organisations and SME's.

Development and technical project management of games and apps for Unity/iOS/Android/Corona including applications and client/server solutions. Working experience with VR, AR, RESTful Web services, agile Scrum methodologies and version control

systems such as GitHub and SVN.

Worked as a Software Engineer in a range of companies, including Penguin Group, Bossa Studios, FOVE,Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London, IBM, Ricoh, Continental AG and Orange Labs R&D / France Telecom.

Guest lecturer for Virtual Reality and Unity 3D at the SAE Institute London (UK) for game design students. Guest lecturer for Virtual Reality at ‘The Games Quarter’, hosted by UCL (University College London) and TIGA for video game start-ups.


1. What current technologies and tools fulfill your needs in your practice?

Desktop PCs, Google Cardboard, Occulus Dev Kit, Playstation VR, Steam, Lighthouse, Mobile Devices, Unity 3D

2. What technologies do you see emerging in the next 5-10 years?

Mixed VR & AR, Hololens, new headsets like sunglasses for VR and AR

3. Could you identify any strengths and weaknesses with these technologies?

Cheap (Google Cardboard) but heavy and weight and power consuming, motion sickness problems


4. Do you think there are additional technologies or tools needed, or that you would wish for?

Lightweight visors as consumer wear anytime devices, hand tracking technologies additional tracking technologies


5. If these were available what would you be creating?

Mixed reality and mixed media games like Ingres, crowd sourced games, games that mix real and virtual worlds, social games for shared experiences

6. Can you see any strengths and weakness involved?

Latency and response times for multiple location games

7. What do you recommend to fill the gap between creators and technology providers?

Project Manager / Facilitator to bring both sides together. Give creative technology training and vice versa