Florian Gheorghe CRe-AM Interview

Name : Florian Gheorghe

Job Title : Producer

Organisation : AMA Romania

Sector : Mobile Development

Web Link : http://www.ama-studios.com/

Interview Date : 21/10/2015

Location : ICT 2015 Lisbon

Short Biography

Experienced products with a demonstrated track record of building and driving mobile apps & games. Believer in creating & driving engaging products with intuitive user experience.

Mobile platform esp Android
Product Management KPIs: Engagement, Retention, Monetization
Freemium / Free to play Mobile Games design & virtual economics
Game Production, Game Design, UI / UX. A/B Testing
Mobile games & products
Talent Acquisition, Team building
Hard Core Game Analyst

Producer & Partnership Manager (2012 - present)

Executive Support Services Manager (2009-2012)

Handset Release Program Manager (2006-2009)

Tester (2005-2006) at AMA Romania (AMA LTD)


1. What current technologies and tools fulfill your needs in your practice?

PC and Mac development Platform, IOS, Android, Maya, 3D Studion Max, Photoshop

2. What technologies do you see emerging in the next 5-10 years?

Smart Glasses, Augmented Reality, Connectable Devices

3. Could you identify any strengths and weaknesses with these technologies?

Strength is the mobile devices are closing the gap towards PCs

Weakness is restricted battery life


4. Do you think there are additional technologies or tools needed, or that you would wish for?

 Better games development tools, smart glasses, new sensor devices

5. If these were available what would you be creating?

Gameplay “on the fly” based on emotional response, personalized games

6. Can you see any strengths and weakness involved?

Weakness is the privacy issue and dangers of targeted advertising based on behaviours

7. What do you recommend to fill the gap between creators and technology providers?

There are gaps between creative and technologists – designers imagination can be restricted by technology.